About us

Our company

TRENDS-GROUP.COM is an online retail store under Trends Group of companies offering a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience with a cross border e-commerce platform cater for the needs of ICT professionals in this region. 

We focus on genuine products from reliable manufacturers who emphasize to produce healthy and quality products.  Our aim is to provide a b

Enterprise Security Solutions

We are one of the most comprehensive suppliers of Client-Server Enterprise Security Solutions in this region, serving a number of large financial institutions, various government bodies and statutory boards as well as MNCs. Our customers include Prime Minister’s Department, Mindef Malaysia, Mindef Singapore, Reuters, Sun Microsystems, BASF, Mindef, LTA, Singapore Telecom, Union Bank of Switzerland, Commerzbank etc.

Our products are used by CIOs, Security Managers, MIS managers, Data Centre Managers as well as EDP Auditors to analyse, implement, improve, review and reports on systems as well as network security. Some of these products are also being used to implement and to check for comformance with Corporate Security Policies. Hence, these products not only enhance the enterprise-wide system security, they also improves staff productivity tremendously as well.

Enterprise Networking Solutions

We are also one of those few network integrators in this region that has the experience and expertise in dealing with networking solution for heterogeneous environment, both LAN and WAN. Our company has undertaken various type of networking projects such as Double Ethernet Backbone, Collapsible / Structure Cabling, Fiber-Optic, and wireless etc.

By riding on this technical expertise, we have been selected by companies such as Reuters, Hewlett-Packard, Arthur Anderson, Foxboro, Honeywell, Fuji-Xerox etc to be their security and networking solutions partner.road spectrum of products which encompass vitamins & supplements, beauty & skin care, food & beverages, natural remedies and other exclusive consumer items from Singapore, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia & Taiwan.  We believe that good things should be shared by all at an affordable price to all consumers.


Our Corporate mission is to provide our customers with workable yet realistic solutions with future growth path built-in to ensure our customer’s investment is being protected.


To be the top one-stop center for the region continuously striving to enrich the lives of our customers through partnership, passions to serve and team work.

Social Standing

We view our social responsibility to be in creating, promoting as well as enhancing the users’ awareness with regards to computer system security & environmental friendly renewable energy in this region.